Sunday, 17 October 2021
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Coppermine Photo Album - Setup modifications
The Coppermine Photo Album application requires a couple modifications. First for ImageMagick to successfully upload your pictures.  Click on Config, then in the Path to ImageMagick 'convert' utility.
1) Windows Servers:
     ImageMagick - d:\ImageMagick\
2) Linux Servers:
     ImageMagick - /usr/bin/
If you are hosted on our Linux Servers then you must set user directory ownership to 777 on the albums, userpics and edit folders in your coppermine directory.
             1) Log into your control panel.
2) Open the File Manager application
             3) Go to Coppermine - change albums to Read,Write,Execute for Owner, Group and other.
4) Now go to albums/userpics and albums/edit and give the same permissions.