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How do i setup my email client.

General Information:
Incoming (POP) Mail Server:
Outgoing (SMTP) Mail Server: (NOTE: Some ISPs block SMTP servers other than their own, if they do please put their SMTP server and continue on. This will not effect your ability to send or receive email. If your Internet provider blocks SMTP it is beyond our control, and it is an effective method of reducing SPAM across the Internet.)
Username/Account Name:

Password: email account password

Setting up Eudora to retrieve your mail is pretty simple. As seen below, this step by step setup will help you get your mail.

Within Eudora, Select "Tools" and then Select "Options".
Within the Tool Bar on the left side of the Box, Select "Getting Started"
Enter your POP Account Information, example

(the following two steps are optional)
Enter your Real Name, example John Doe
Enter your Return Address, example

After completing the first section, Select "Hosts" within the Tool Bar.
Enter the SMTP Mail Server as
If you have multiple accounts within the same domain name, you may use this feature to download the mail as that user. All that is needed is the basic e-mail account information and to save the information within Eudora.

Netscape Communicator 4.x
Click on the "Edit" Menu and select "Preferences".
Double-click on the "Mail & Groups" category.
Click the "Identity" option under "Mail & Groups".
For "Your Name", enter your Real Name as you wish it to be displayed in emails you send out.
For "E-Mail Address", enter your email address ( ).
Click the "Mail Server" option under "Mail & Groups".
For "Mail Server User Name" enter your username.
Set "Outgoing Mail Server" to "".
Set "Incoming Mail Server" to "".
Set the "Mail Server Type" to the "POP3" option.
Then click "OK”.

Outlook Express
Microsoft Outlook

Using POP Access for Outlook/Outlook Express:
Goto "tools"..."accounts"..."add"...."mail"
Go through the wizard and put in this general info:

Account Name:

Password: your password

Once you get through the wizard....close it out, then go
back into "tools"......"accounts"
highlight the new account you've
on "properties".....
Goto the "servers" tab. Make sure all the info is
correct,,,,click on "remember password".....
Also check the box that says "My server requires
Authentication"....."settings" on "same as

Hit "Apply".
Repeat for any new accounts you have created.
NOTE: Some ISP's require you to use their outgoing (SMTP)
mailserver. Example:

Pegasus Mail
Select Tools -> Options Select the "Network" tab 'Your e-mail address is' box:
POP3 host: User name: Name of the POP3 account Password: POP3 password SMTP Host: Select the "Advanced network configuration options" button. Make sure that the "Delete mail from host once successfully retrieved" box is checked, and then click "OK" Select the "General” tab Personal name: Enter your real name.