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What 3rd party ASP components have already been installed which I can use?
The Command object is used to execute general commands on the data within the database. These commands can have parameters - for example, the command may be a database insert command: the parameters are then the data elements to insert.

This is the connection onto the database. Most of the data manipulation is done via the Command and RecordSet objects

The RecordSet object resembles a window onto a set of data contained in the database. This window can be used for viewing the data as well as modifying it. The record set can be created directly using the create function or as a return value from the execute method on an ADO Command object

Used to Stream data from a file into the server

"ActiveX Data Objects Extensions for DDL and Security," or ADOX. ADOX gives developers a rich set of tools for gaining access to the structure, security model, and procedures stored in a database. Programmers who use the Access/Jet engine might get the most use out of it, although ADOX also works with the SQL Server and ODBC OLE DB drivers.

AspHTTP allows you to GET/POST/HEAD documents using the HTTP protocol.

Used to ping a domain or IP...

This component will allow for dynamic generation of Bible text.


lets you send an email from ASP or WSH, using several objects (CDONTS.NewMail, CDO.Message, Outlook.Application). You can send an email using IIS SMTP service, remote SMTP server or POP3/IMAP


Add Email capabilities to your web site for free. This fast, flexible, and reliable component is used to send web-based emails from Active Server Pages (ASP), and you can also use it to post articles to news sites.

Simple GUID Maker component

ImgSize allows you to get the width and height of an image.

Index Server to make your site Searchable.

Index Server to make your site Searchable.

Encrypting a Database If you want to protect your secured database from unauthorized access by someone who is using a disk editor or other utility program, you can encrypt it. Encryption makes a database indecipherable, which protects it from unauthorized viewing or use, particularly during electronic transmission or when it's stored on floppy disk, tape, or compact disc. Encrypting an unsecured database will have no effect because anybody can open the database with Access or VBA and gain full access to all objects in the database.

Get a file's last modified date/time from ASP

Returns diskquota information for the specific instance of your website

Accessing XML Data using ASP

XML, let's you retrieve content from other websites.

Creates an AdRotator object that automatically rotates advertisements displayed on a page according to a specified schedule.

Creates a BrowserType object that determines the capabilities, type, and version of each browser that accesses your Web site.

Automates the rotation of HTML content strings on a Web page.

Allows you to read the HTTP activity log files that IIS generates.

Creates a NextLink object that creates tables of contents for Web pages, and links them together sequentially like pages in a book.





Using the ServerXMLHTTP object directly offers much greater procedural control than that of the setProperty method of DOMDocument. Instead of merely retrieving XML responses from a remote sever, the ServerXMLHTTP object allows developers to use the HTTP methods, GET and POST, as well as the ability to handle basic security logons.

(not yet reviewed)


verisign payflow pro component

AspPOP3 allows you to receive mail using the industry standard POP3 protocol from any program that can use ActiveX/OLE components.

provides an information organization object like a perl associative array

Scan directories and list files. create, move och delete files. Save text-files to your harddrive.

The Microsoft ActiveX control Scriptlet.Typelib allows local files to be created or modified, so it is unsafe to allow untrusted programs to access this control. The control is incorrectly marked "safe for scripting" as shipped with Internet Explorer versions 4.0 and 5.0. As a result, malicious programs may be able to execute the control without requesting approval from the user. For example, an HTML-format email message that is rendered using Internet Explorer may be able to execute the Scriptlet.Typelib control to create and modify local files.

Use it like this: ------------------- Set oMail= Server.CreateObject (" SMTPsvg.Mailer" ) oMail.RemoteHost = strServer oMail.AddRecipient strTo, strTo oMail.FromAddress = strFrom oMail.Subject = strSubject oMail.BodyText = strBody Mail.SendMail

Allows you to grab pages or scripts from another URL. Supports post and get.


In my previous article (Intro to DMO), I described how to use DMO to connect to SQL Server and do some basic tasks, such as performing a backup. This article will introduce some additional methods that are very useful when automating administrative tasks. All code has been tested on SQL 2000, but should work fine with SQL 7.

Regular expressions provide tools for developing complex pattern matching and textual search-and-replace algorithms.

Using this component you can pause your ASP app for a specified time, wait until a file exists or wait until the component can get exclusive read/write permissions to a file.

Any script or code that attempts to manage IIS using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) needs to access the IIS WMI provider objects. For example, if you want to change a Web site property in the metabase, you must instantiate the class called IIsWebServerSetting which is a child of the CIM_Setting class.

Microsoft Windows HTTP Services (WinHTTP) provides developers with a server-supported, high-level interface to the HTTP/1.1 Internet protocol. WinHTTP is designed to be used primarily in server-based scenarios by server applications that communicate with HTTP servers.

This lets you find out information like the user name, computer name and organisation name. It also lets you connect and disconnect network drives, add and remove printer connections and set the default printer.

Windows Shell Scripting. Allows You to build your own COM+ Applications.