Thursday, 02 December 2021

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Racing Beat, Inc.

Sometimes it easy to forget that behind the computer hardware and software that powers a successful website is a team of dedicated people that integrate and maintain these operations. Over the past several years, the dedicated team at 10 Seconds has provided personalized and professional services that have far exceeded our expectations!

Although the complexities of internet commerce are vast and challenging, we are continually impressed with the ability of 10 Seconds team to solve these ongoing challenges. We are aware that some our urgent problems; may have been of our own making, but each call for help has been answered with an understanding and patient reply!

Being an e-commerce company in today's market carries the responsibility of protecting the integrity of your customer's personal information. 10 Seconds have evaluated our particular security requirements and have implemented appropriate methods to provide security. If you are seeking a website hosting service for your personal or company website, we strongly recommend the 10 Seconds team. If you have any questions regarding our successful relationship with 10 Seconds, I am can be contacted at the address listed below.

Jim Langer

Sabio Digital, Inc.

As a start-up company, getting a functioning, professional-looking web-site, was of critical importance to our success. 10-Seconds exceeded our expectations from both a delivery-time and quality perspective and we could not be happier. We were able to get the support section of our site, populated and functioning within 1 week of providing 10-seconds with the requirements. The staff at 10-seconds was responsive to our every request and we never had to wait for any of our requests to be implemented. 10-Seconds was critical in partnering with us in our formative stages and we expect to continue to expand our usage of 10-seconds as our company's needs expand.  We have no reason to go anywhere else!

Richard Nelson

Astro Packaging, Inc.

We have been working with for the past several years.  They have always been very professional and gone the extra mile to make sure that all of our needs are met.  If you need reliability, quality and competitive pricing is all that and more.

Debbie Dillon

Florida Coast Cottages

Many thanks to 10 Seconds for your high performance and quality service as our ISP. We rely on our website to help people make vacation plans all over the globe, and it gives me a great sense of security knowing that my website is in good hands. When it comes to more difficult issues, you have been there and helped me get everything working, and you did it at a very reasonable price. It's good knowing I have good talented team of professionals behind me that my business can count on. We've worked with several ISPs over the years, and you guys are THE BEST! Thanks a lot, 10 Seconds!

Jim Hebin

North O.C.Homes

10 Seconds has been a great asset to our web based real estate business. Their web hosting servers are always working and are the fastest we've used. We'd recommend 10 Seconds to anyone!