Sunday, 17 October 2021
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Already own a domain and what to host with 10 Seconds.
If you already bought a domain name and want to host with us:
  • First step is you establish a web hosting account with us. Start by ordering any of our web hosting plans.

  • After your payment is verified you will get your setup email within 30 seconds. In there will be all your usernames / passwords that grant you access to the server via your assigned server hostname. Proceed to upload your files to the server via the server's hostname. MAKE SURE YOU PUT EVERYTHING IN YOUR DOMAIN FOLDER and MAKE SURE YOU RENAME YOUR HOMEPAGE "index.html" ALL LOWER CASE. Then use the temporary link provided in the email to view your site.

  • Once you have everything verified go to the place where you originally registered your domain (your registrar).

  • In your setup email(s) there will be a pair of DNS or Name servers. Use those DNS to change them for your domain. If you don't have a domain control panel (that is where you usually can do these changes) please email your registrar or call them and tell them to change your name servers to those provided to you in your setup email from us.

  • After the DNS changes has been made your domain will now begin to point to your server with 10 Seconds. This will take 24-72 hours to resolve along the whole world as every ISP updates their DNS at different times.

  • If after 48 hours you can not access your domain via please do a whois on your domain HERE make sure your name servers show up as those provided in your setup email. If they do not call your registar right away to get it corrected!

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