Sunday, 17 October 2021
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Transfer your domain name to 10 Seconds.
Want to transfer your domain name to 10 Seconds as your domain registrar?
You already have a domain that you registered somewhere else and you want to move the domain itself physically to us and get hosting to keep everything in on place?

  • First step is you go to our domains website HERE and open an account to login into the domain portal. Once you created the account click on transfer on the top right side.

  • Type in the domain you want to transfer to us.

  • Please make sure the admin contact email is an active email because an email will be sent to this email to approve the transfer. You can find out that email this is by doing a WHOIS HERE If that is not a current email please go to where you registered the domain and update it.

  • If you ask, the domain still has 6 months or 2 years left before it expires, will i lose those? the answer is NO you will not, when you do this transfer it will add one year on TOP of the current expiration date! So just add one year to when it expires now!

  • Once you have processed this look out for an email, approve it and just wait it out about 24-48 hours for the whole process to occur, if you already approved the email and you login into your domain control panel and you see the process is not complete, contact your registrar and ask them why they haven't released it. >br />

  • Meanwhile all this is happening feel free to buy your hosting plan and upload all your files to the server. Remember once you order hosting you have immediate access to the server via the server's hostname.

  • If you don't want to move your domain to us, you don't have to. All you have to do is modify your DNS follow the steps above. But remember that your domain will expire at some point so it is wiser to add years to the domain and not wait until the last minute and risk losing your domain!

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