Sunday, 16 January 2022
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10 Seconds is a company dedicated to making technology-driven web hosting affordable to all. 10 Seconds is based out of Wildomar, California from where all our sales, support and technical operations take place. Our servers are located at Irvine, California where we manage them through a team of administrators located physically at the datacenter as well as remotely from our office at Wildomar. Ever since our launch in December 1998, we have experienced massive growth and have been recognized for excellent system reliability and customer support. We attribute this success to our highly qualified team of administrators and the state-of-the-art software and equipment that we own.  Most providers use someone else's hardware, not 10 Seconds, we own and maintain our own Dual Xeon 3.2Ghz servers, routers and firewalls.  If your looking for a quality hosting company with superior uptime, chose 10 Seconds.

Superior Datacenter
Our servers are located in a Class 3 Datacenter at Irvine, California. This datacenter uses a state-of-the-art environmental control system that regulates temperature and humidity levels throughout the facility. The server rooms are the heart of the Level 3 Center. Here, bunker-style construction provides for non-stop operations and protection of your e-business infrastructure. The only entrance to the server rooms is through highly secured entryways, protected with palm scanners, Card-Key and keypad locks. The facility uses a UPS backup system and multiple diesel backup generators to ensure continuous power supply during a sudden power outage. State-of-the-art fire supression systems prevent any fire from disrupting server operations.

Superior Network
The facility uses CISCO-only routers and switches setup for redundancy and reliability. We are connected by 3 major tier-1 providers (Level3, Global Crossing and XO) which ensures 100% network reliability. This translates into faster downloads and better reliability for our customers

Superior Hardware
Our servers run only Dual Xeon 3.2 Ghz processors for maximum efficiency. A minimum of 2GB of server-grade DDRAM is fitted into each of these machines. Our web servers run top-of-the-line Ultra320 SCSI hard disks (10 times more efficient than ordinary SATA hard disks) in a RAID1 configuration. This means that 2 SCSI hard disks are setup in an array which 
remain an exact mirror of each other at all times. If one hard disk fails, the other picks up immediately ensuring maximum reliability. All our servers are backed up to secure NAS servers every 24 to 48 hours. This along with RAID1 ensures that your data is more safer with us than on your hard disk! We use a powerful internal CISCO firewall to maintain network security and protect our systems from harmful internet traffic.

Superior Uptime
Proactive monitoring, regular maintenance, security audits and a super cautious approach helps ensure that a technical problem never develop on our servers. We hire only the very best and most experienced System Administrators to take care of our systems. This along with our excellent hosting facility, network and hardware has helped us maintain 99.5% uptime since our launch.

Superior Service
With complete customer satisfaction being our ultimate goal, you can always expect the very best from us. Our customer support system has been streamlined so that you get the very best answer in the minimal amount of time. We offer great services such as Microsoft Sharepoint services, Microsoft SQL Server, SSL, Anonymous FTP, Cold Fusion MX, Dedicated IPs, etc.