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In the very near future 10 Seconds will be upgrading the Hsphere Control Panel to version 2.5.  This new version will offer serveral exciting new features:  Microsoft Exchange 2003 E-mail Hosting, Sub FTP Account for Windows Plans plus the new Cold Fusion MX 7 on our Windows 2003 Hosting Plans.
H-Sphere 2.4.3 Patch 10 Upgrade
10 Seconds Web Hosting has just upgraded our services to the latest Hsphere version 2.4.3 patch 10.  Here are the release notes of corrected issues.

03 March 2006



  • Added search by VPS hostname in CP
  • Implemented support of third-party file storage systems' quota managers: NetApp, BlueArc, EMC Celerra.
  • Added vpopmail parameters processing
  • Added new qmail parameters: opensmtptimeout, uquotacheck, localtime
  • Added definition of class 'ContactInfo' for Domain Services in H-Sphere XML API


  • hsphere-mail-service-3-16
  • hsphere-webmails-2-13
  • hsphere-webshell-4.3.3-1 is included into H-Sphere installation
  • PostgreSQL 7.4.11
  • MySQL client/server 4.0.26


  • Added check on available registration period during domain registgration renewal.
  • Fixed issue with local time zones in log rotation
  • Fixed bug of clearing traffic data when faced traffic data from the past period
  • Corrected work with Rules Du Jour settings in SpamAssassin manager
  • Corrected error processing when setting SpamAssassin params to MySQL database
  • Corrected qmail parameters list header
  • Corrected autoresponder creation with empty subject
  • Fixed problem with disabling smtpauth paramater
  • Fixed spelling of the rcptdnscheck paramater
  • Fixed problem with changing owner for default /hsphere/shared/miva/lib/config/ miva library
  • Fixed problem with validation of Error 401 for the Apache web server
  • Fixed problem with corrupted billing info data passing through as "params" when base contact info fields contained non-Latin chars.
  • Fixed problem with instant domain alias IP for accounts with dedicated IP and NAT support. Now external IP is used as instant domain alias in default login page, not internal as it was before.
  • Fixed national currency formatting for billing entry messages
  • Fixed problem with incorrect amount of refund if account changed start billing date in the past
  • Fixed promotions' behaviour in a copied plan
  • Minor fixes in validation and YAFV core
  • Fixed problem with incorrect order of creating domain aliases on Windows servers
  • Fixes in the template configuration script to support new versions of Java and the 'find' utility



  • Fixed problem with handling customized error page by htaccess module for 401.1 HTTP code
  • Fixed bug when enabling SSL failed under certain conditions
  • Fixed bug caused launching ASP.NET applications under the ASPNET or NETWORK SERVICE accounts