Saturday, 18 September 2021
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Mambo Search Engine Friendly URL is not working.

The Mambo Search Engine Friendly URL setting ONLY works on LINUX hosting plans.  If you are using a WINDOWS hosting plan with Mambo this feature will not work.  In order for this feature to work the mod_rewrite module must be implemented on the hosting web servers and Windows IIS Web Service does not support mod_rewrite. 

To use this feature of Mambo here are the steps.  Again this is ONLY on our LINUX hosting plans.

1) In your /MAMBO directory rename file htaccess.txt to .htaccess.txt (Make sure the (.) period is infront of the file name).

2) Now edit file .htaccess and uncomment line 19 - RewriteBase and edit this line so it reads:

RewriteBase /mambo

Now save this file.

3) In your Mambo Administration control panel go to Site, Global Configuration, SEO

Set Search Engine Friendly URL's to YES, then click on SAVE.

This change will take effect in a few minutes once the Linux Apache Web Server flushes out the cache for your website.

Now your Mambo Website will be Search Engine friendly so the spiders can properly retrieve your context.