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What is FTP, how do I use it with Hsphere Hosting?

The Basics: File Transfer Protocol

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, which is the most common way of
transferring files from one computer to another. This is how most
uploading and downloading is done over the Internet. In this article
we're going to give you a general guide to using a graphical FTP program.
Because every FTP program is different, make sure you read your program's
documentation to learn about its specific features.

If you don't have an FTP program, you can download one. Here are some of
the more common programs for Windows:
FTP Explorer

And for Macintosh:

All of these allow you to download a free trial copy, which will work for
a limited amount of time. You may want to do this before you download the
non-free version to make sure you feel comfortable with it.

To upload files, first open your FTP program and connect to your server.
It will ask you for some information. Here's what you'll need to give it:
Host Name/Address: your <Host> server name such as:
Once your domain is fully functional you can use: (substitute with your Fully Qualified Domain Name)
If you don't know your server name, login to the Account Control Center:
Once you're logged in, look for web options click there. It will say
IP Address: and will list your IP there. You'll just need to put
that in your FTP program.
User ID: your account username (this is a login name that is usually the same as your control panel login, with a maximum of 8 characters)
Password: your account password
Generally anything else it asks for can be left alone, but check your
program's documentation if you have any problems.
Most, if not all, graphical FTP programs work in the same way. They have
a two-pane interface. On the left side are the files on your home
computer. On the right are the files on the server.
You'll want to make sure you upload your Web files to your Web directory.
So once you're connected to the server, double-click on the
folder in the right pane.
Upload files by dragging them with your mouse from the left pane to
the right pane. There will also be a button (usually an arrow) that you
can click to do the same thing.
You can update a file on the server by simply uploading the revised copy
of the file. You'll get a message asking if you want to overwrite the old
file. Select 'yes.'
This should get you started using a graphical FTP program. To learn more,
please read your specific program's documentation.